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My Book of Shapes (Bilingual Board Book)

Explore the joy of shapes with ‘My Book of Shapes’, a bilingual adventure for little ones! This Arabic-English book makes learning about circles, squares, and more fun and interactive. Bright illustrations and easy text introduce young minds to the world of geometry while bridging two languages. Perfect for little learners to start discovering shapes and words in a playful, engaging way. Open the door to a world of learning with every turn of the page!

The Pineapple People (ناس الأناناس)

In “The Pineapple People”, a curious boy embarks on a journey full of surprises. Along the way, he stumbles upon the charming Strawberry, Orange, and Green Apple Villages. But it’s not just the new scenery that captures his heart—it’s the friends he makes along the way. Together, they forge a unique tradition that celebrates unity and discovery. Join them in a story brimming with joy, where each twist brings a new friend and each page sparkles with delight. This delightful tale invites you to revel in the wonders of discovery and the beauty of diversity.

Trees of Possibility

A king’s innovative contest to transform trees into extraordinary creations sparks a flurry of creativity among his subjects. While neighbors like Sara, Jacob, and Abdul eagerly turn their trees into magnificent works of art and utility, Kareem finds beauty in the tree’s natural state, pondering its value and enjoying its simple presence. Set against a backdrop inspired by the lush landscapes of Northern California and the Levant, this children’s book celebrates creativity, the importance of nature, and the joy of seeing beyond the material to cherish the Earth. A heartwarming tale for young readers, it emphasizes the beauty in preservation and the power of imagination.